Workplace Bullying And Harassment: A Toolbox For Managers And Supervisors


Workplace Bullying And Harassment: A Toolbox For Managers And Supervisors


Workplace bullying, harassment and occupational violence are not simple issues to deal with. In many cases these actions go unnoticed or are ignored because they appear too difficult to prevent. However, if ignored or dealt with poorly they can create a toxic workplace where high staff turnover, complaints and ongoing conflict are the norm.

This practical book can help you recognise and cope with bullying and harassment in the workplace, and foster an environment of trust, respect and security for employees.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment is an invaluable guide that explains what workplace bullying and harassment are and how they can be dealt with. A toolbox for managers and supervisors or anyone in the workplace with an interest in sustaining productive interpersonal relationships, it provides information, advice, step-by-step processes and practical tips for dealing with workplace bullying and harassment problems.

Topics Include;

  • Defining workplace bullying and harassment

  • Legal responsibilities

  • Effects on organisations

  • Perpetrators

  • Targets and victims

  • Control measures - policy, education and leadership

  • Formal interventions

  • Dealing with perpetrators

  • Creating a bully-intolerant culture

And much more...

About The Author

Hadyn Olsen is a leading practitioner in this field in New Zealand. He has worked with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations. His advice provides a guide not only for dealing with problems but for creating a culture of respect, dignity and safety for workplaces.

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