Oh No You Don't: A Tale Of Managing Workplace Bullies


Oh No You Don't: A Tale Of Managing Workplace Bullies


This is the book workplace bullies don't want you to read. It uncovers and explores the secret inner dynamics that bullies work by. It offers solutions that are practical and powerful.

Join the journey with a manager. A young man, somewhat naive and insecure becomes his bully's worst nightmare. Begin the journey to empowerment by witnessing the manager's plight, his personal development and then his brilliance at outmanoeuvring the workplace bully he has to manage.

Watch then to see how the bully's team is transformed through facilitation and empowerment. See how the shadow of collusion is removed and the whole organisation begins the change.

This Could Be Your Story

Workplace bullying costs businesses many millions of dollars every year, and yet the means to spot it and stop it remains obscure. In this thoroughly enlightened tale of a workplace bullying situation and its remediation. Hadyn Olsen, workplace bullying consultant, offers clear strategies for identifying when a behaviour is bullying, defining a strategy for eradicating bullying behaviour from the top down, a pathway for implementing the strategy for the good of the whole organisation and a strategy to ensure that such behaviour does not become a part of the workplace again. Easy to read and learn from, this book is a must read for all employers, HR personnel and workplace managers faced with challenging staff members.

Graeme Beals, Managing Director, PublishMe, www.publishme.co.nz

About The Author

Hadyn Olsen is a leading practitioner in this field in New Zealand. He has worked with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations. His advice provides a guide not only for dealing with problems but for creating a culture of respect, dignity and safety for workplaces.

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