"WAVE involves a group of people and workplaces across New Zealand and Australia (and the world) who recognise that occupational violence, bullying and harassment are elements that need to be addressed in our workplaces. We do not subscribe to the acceptance and normalisation of these behaviours because we recognise the damage they do to people and organsiations. We also recognise that in order to address them effectively organisations need to give attention to creating a specific kind of workplace culture that eliminates the likelihood of these behavioural hazards.
The future is emerging and the need to be focused, flexible, co-operative and innovative is paramount. Organisations that allow bullying and harassment will continue to suffer high staff turnover, destructive conflict, poor morale, and a culture of intimidation that is the antithesis of success. Organisations that build genuine trust, respect and dignity will find that occupational violence, bullying and harassment are easily identified and eliminated." Hadyn Olsen

Does your organisation have;

  • An up to date policy regarding Bullying and Harassment?
  • Clear procedures (both formal and informal) to respond to complaints or concerns that may be raised
  • Trained staff (Contact Person) who are safe and can engage and assist enquirers to resolve issues
  • Mandatory hazard prevention training for all staff regarding workplace bullying and harassment
  • Management and leadership development programmes that minimise risk of hazardous behaviour
  • Complaint investigation training and guides for managing complaints of bullying or harassment

If not, then contact WAVE for assistance and external support. 

WAVE provides

  • Consultancy and expertise in all matters involved with workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Policy and Procedures.
  • Training programmes at all levels.
  • Contact Person programmes and ongoing external support.
  • Investigations into formal complaints of bullying or harassment.
  • Informal interventions such as Facilitated Discussions, Group Facilitation, Team Review and Development, Shuttle Interventions, Mediation, Surveys.
  • Coaching for managers to assist them to effectively manage difficult situations.
  • Coaching for targets who have been harmed.
  • Coaching for perpetrators who need to develop a change in behaviour.

Hadyn Olsen is the Director of WAVE and principal facilitator of WAVE services and consultancy

  • Specialist researcher and provider of programmes to address workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Author of "Workplace Bullying and Harassment: A Toolbox for Managers and Supervisors" published by CCH NZ Ltd
  • Author of “Oh No You Don’t: A Tale of Managing Workplace Bullies” published by WAVE
  • Member of “International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment” (IAWBH). Convener of Special Interest Group (SIG) “Dynamics of Power”
  • 15 years experience working with governmental and non-governmental organisations across NZ.
  • Conference speaker in NZ and Australia.
  • Managed previous NZ ZEROBULLY Helpline.
  • Advisory member of NZ Safety Council.