Workplaces Against Violence in Employment (WAVE)

Since 2002 WAVE has specialised in helping employers address workplace bullying and harassment. WAVE offers a complete range of tools and interventions to help employers.

Workplace bullying and harassment are behavioural hazards that any workplace can experience. They are known as “psychosocial hazards” because of the potential harm they can cause to people and to organisations. Bullying and harassment are recognised as forms of psychological violence that have an impact upon people’s mental and physical health, their wellbeing and their effectiveness in a workplace.  

Organisation have a “Duty of Care” to provide a safe environment for people to work in. In relation to bullying and harassment this means they need to...

  • Understand how to accurately identify bullying and harassment.
  • Respond effectively to complaints or concerns that get raised.
  • Build a workplace environment that reduces the likelihood of bullying and harassment happening in the first place.

Workplace bullying and harassment can occur in all workplaces, but some more than others. Be one of the “others” and build your organisation's capacity to prevent and respond.

Listen to our radio interview

Click the play button to play a radio interview with Hadyn Olsen regarding the latest study by Victoria University showing high rates of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the public sector.